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Friday, 27 April 2012 08:31

Daily dose of Vitamin D might reduce High blood pressure- Study

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 The once a-day vitamin D supplements could be as effective as prescription drugs at reducing high blood pressure, a new study has claimed.

Vitamin D known as sunshine vitamin, nearly 90 % of the body’s supply of it comes from sun shine, and deficiency of it has been linked with various health problems including high blood pressure. However, less scientific evidence available to suggest that supplementing vitamin D may help reduce the high blood pressure.
A new study, presented at the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) meeting in London, sheds light on direct benefits from taking supplements for five months in winter.

Sufficient Sun exposure helps to maintain the normal levels more effectively than through diet, but northern European countries such as the UK only get sufficient levels of UV light for seven months a year.
 “What our results suggest is that hypertensive patients can benefit from vitamin D supplementation if they have vitamin D insufficiency” said the lead author Dr Larsen, as saying by the Daily Telegraph.

Researchers at Holstebro Hospital in Denmark which is on a similar latitude to Glasgow and Moscow,gave vitamind D supplements to a group of 112 high blood pressure patients. Their initial levels of vitamin D measured, and then they were given either Vitamin D or a placebo (dummy pill) for 20 weeks. 92 of the 112 patients were found to have low levels of vitamin D at the start of the study, the Daily Mail reported.

The researchers discovered that those patients taking the vitamin D supplement of 75 mcg (correct) daily showed a considerable reduction in central systolic blood pressure, blood pressure measured near the heart.
When compared to the placebo group, patients taking vitamin D had a lowered in systolic blood pressure of 6.8 mmHg, while diastolic blood pressure was reduced by 1.7mmHg.

Researcher’s view
Dr Thomas Larsen, who led the study, said: "Probably the majority of Europeans have vitamin D deficiency, and many of these will also have high blood pressure."

"Vitamin D would not be a cure for hypertension in these patients, but it may help, especially in the winter months. However, it's important to stress that this was a small study, and that larger studies are needed to provide solid evidence."

Professor Anna Dominiczak, vice-president of the European Society of Hypertension and University of Glasgow, said: "The effects of vitamin D supplements was as powerful as tablets in trials. These results show a significant reduction in Central Systolic Blood Pressure in patients taking the vitamin D supplement for 20 weeks, when compared to the placebo group.

"This is an initial study, so it needs to be confirmed, but it is potentially interesting as part of an overall strategy for managing hypertension in patients with low levels of vitamin D."

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  • Comment Link Sharon Friday, 27 April 2012 22:27 posted by Sharon

    i agree vitamin d absorption in small testine is not benificial since that involves a high adrenalic activity when liver that reasponsible for excertion of vitamin d is over stimulate and find it hard to establish when implicting on the correct diviation of body cells and carvas circule which is the breathing of cells thats why a lake of it contribute also to malagnancy disorders.people with high blood pressure are people which mechnisim based on self image and a fatalic perception as unconcious perceptions when very alert and attouched and restless cannot retain pietience sometimes ,the sun which produce vitamin d is connected to summer and the choleric form of being when external influances controll being when people with high blood pressure are always swept away externaly easily when forgeting inside and self ideal which colide in summer which speak about over stimulation ...............

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