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Friday, 02 December 2011 11:04

Yoga found Effective to Ease Menopause Problems- Insomnia

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The result of a small study  confirms the health benefits of practising yoga, “couple of yoga sessions a week can help to relieve the menopausal problems” – study.

yoga_2Lots have been written and in many studies it has been found that yoga practising can bring on  significant improvement in quality of life. Yoga has been found effective in relieving many disease symptoms including, arthritis, backache, weight management and psychological problems as well. In addition to that recent study findings suggest that yoga may ease insomnia and other menopausal problems.

Menopause is  a transient phase in women's life. A woman, otherwise healthy may suffer from various health problems during this difficult phase and may need medical aid to control the symptoms. The quality of life of woman is greatly affected due to menopause. The common symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, and irritability, and difficulty in having sound sleep. Hormone replacement therapy is found effective to ease many of those problems, but it is associated with risks of heart disease, stroke and breast cancer, according to the Women's Health Initiative study from 2002. 

44 women were selected randomly for the study by the researchers. They were divided in three groups. Among them, 15 did not receive any treatment, 14 women were asked to do stretch with a physical therapist two times per week and other 15 women participated in yoga classes twice a week. The yoga sessions included a variety of stretching positions and Tibetan techniques used for strong and fast breathing.
In the study, women completed questionnaires before and after they received treatment , in that  one questionnaire rated menopause symptoms from 0 to 18 as mild, 18 to 35 as moderate and 35 and over as severe. The sleep questionnaire rated from 0 to 28, with 28 being the most severe insomnia.

After 4 months, women who were practising yoga reported less menopause problems in compare to the first group who did not receive any treatment. After four months, women who practiced yoga had an average score of 12.4, while women who had no treatment, had a score of 19.9 in the questionnaire. In sleep questionnaire the yoga practitioners had an average score of 9.7, while those with no treatment scored 13.7.

Researcher’s view
"We are not saying that yoga can cure postmenopausal symptoms," Dr. Helena Hachul, one of the study authors, wrote in an email to Reuters Health. "But it can improve and relieve them."
By contrast, research has shown that yoga reduces stress levels and curbs the activity of the sympathetic nervous system's "fight or flight" response, the body's reaction to threat or danger.

Personal view
Although much key information are missing in study report, as mention by Booth LaForce who studies alternative therapies for menopause at the School of Nursing at the University of Washington but was not part of the new study, such as there is not much information about the yoga positions and number of women who completed the sessions. I would totally agree to conclusion that regular practising yoga does help to relieve the health problems associated with menopause.

Author reports that (North American menopausal society) Homoeopathy had disappointed in controling the symptoms of menopause. However, I would like to share that many times I have prescribed and seen the wonderful effects of homoeopathic medicine in relieving the various health problems related to menopause.
I would add that judicious combination of Yoga and Homoeopathy does wonders.

Why Yoga is better than simple stretching –“yoga is about focusing on what you're doing and connecting the mind and body. That's a lot more than having your limbs stretched."- Booth-LaForce.

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  • Comment Link Kimberly Saturday, 03 December 2011 12:30 posted by Kimberly

    I had a total hysterectomy at 30 and was forced into early menopause. Yoga was the only true relief I experienced. It saved me!

  • Comment Link Dr Chander Asrani Friday, 02 December 2011 23:15 posted by Dr Chander Asrani

    Yes, as said correctly "Yoga MAY ease insomnia and menopause problems".
    Menopausal problems are due to a multitude of pathologies all due to different hormone levels going down. It needs a multi pronged approach, yoga being one of them.

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