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Health Writing- A way to Market you as Specialist in your area

SHC believes that sharing authentic and quality health information, written by medical experts, with the various stakeholders will continue to remain key of success for pharmaceutical companies. Comprehensive medical information can help build trust among existence clients and also influence target audience driving to your website and converting the visitors to become your clients, customers…

We support biopharmaceutical, device and diagnostic companies by generating following:

  • Training Manuals and presentations 
  • Detailing Aids and LBLs (Leave behind literatures)
  • Product Monographs, launch presentations, prescribing information writing
  • Pre-launch mailers and Flyers
  • Patient Education Material catering to variety of disorders
  • Slide library creation- Continuous Medical Education (CME), product profiling, company profiling, Therapeutic area review reports, clinical trial benchmarking
  • Scientific Poster preparation for conference
  • Social Media Management support for specific brands focusing on disease specific networking sites, blogs and forums
  • Website content development support including updation of existing content with generating new as required
  • Professional Blog Management- Latest updates and current health scenario related blogs/ articles to keep visitors engage.

Our services are customized for each client as per requirement. 



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