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Hospitals and Health Centres

It has been noted that 75% of oral communication is forgot, ignored or misunderstood- Bolton

Thus to ensure the effective application of instructions and care tips given verbally, it is critical to provide right guidance and authentic information in the form of document whether print or online. 

We can help you create medical and Health related communication materials including

  • Brochure providing detailed information about institution and services which can help build  right image about your Hospital
  • Patient Educational Material created for general public in easy to understand language that enables common man to understand key scientific medical information easily.
  • Health Articles sharing information about current health issues, preventive measures, disease conditions, how to deal with day to day health issues, chronic disease management etc.
  • News Writing: Latest consumer health news focusing on update in healthcare space, clinical study results, new gadgets etc. captured from authentic sources.
  • Newsletters (Bi-weekly or Monthly) service specially designed to share relevant health and medical informative periodically at targeted audience engage while providing useful medical information.
  • Social Media Management focusing on capturing perception of patients and other stakeholders through use of variety of social media sites, blogs, forums etc.
  • Disease Forum creation and maintenance
  • Video Scripts providing information about diseases, surgical procedures, and preventive tips in interactive way
  • Health Query Response focusing on timely response to the queries/questions of various stakeholders on behalf of hospital.

Content is the key for positioning that enables you to connect with and influence the target audience.



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