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Here are some common FAQs of our customers. Feel free to contact us in case of doubts in our procedures and policies.

Q.1.Why I choose setuhealthcare for medical tourism?

Ans. Setu healthcare care is grounded on the basis of providing excellent services, authentic information, to guide the medical tourist about the course of treatment, its benefits and most importantly, the precautions that have to be taken to ensure the desired outcome, as well as hazel- free medical traveling. The founder, Dr. Sejal has gained paramount experience in working with the renowned medical tourism expert, Dr. Prem Jagyasi and has made relevant contributions to his medical tourism guide book. Her in-depth knowledge about medical tourism, its benefits, as well as the applicable precautionary measures will help medical tourist to have an optimal, desired result from medical treatment through traveling. We have selected only a few hospitals that have state of art infrastructure, best experienced medical fraternity and great supporting staff, to ensure the best outcome of the surgery therefore minimizing the risk of any probable major complications following the surgeries.

With conventional treatment advices, we also guide our patients to choose the best option of complementary or alternative system of medicine to recover fast and have holistic healing that ultimately provides overall wellness.

BEST utilization of time and value for money- In this plan, we will guide you to undergo two therapies\treatments at the same time, which can be combined simultaneously on single visit. E.g. patient coming for knee replacement can also be guided for weight reduction by combining some complementary treatment, diet and wellness programmes.

Patient coming for heart surgery would be guided to have suitable parallel therapies such as laughing therapy, breathing exercise, meditation or Spa treatment.

Q.2.Which medical services are provided?

Ans. The various elective medical services include cosmetic, orthopedic, eye, fertility etc, click here to view the list of surgeries.
We also provide complementary and alternative medicine treatment for various diseased conditions. Click here to view more details. List of affiliated hospitals with services – naturopathy, ayurvedic, homoeopathy, Spa treatments

Q.3.What if I want to go for treatment that is not mentioned in yourlist?

Ans.  We have mentioned only common popular treatments in our list, contact us to know more about various other procedures and their packages. Moreover, if the treatment you are looking for is not undertaken at our panel hospitals, we will guide you to select the best possible options according to your requirement and medical condition. Contact us to know more about the report

Q.4.On what criteria are you selecting the hospitals and wellness centers?

Ans. We thrive on providing affordable and excellent medical services. We have chosen our affiliation on the basis of below mentioned criteria.

  • State of art infrastructure
  • Use of latest technology
  • Well experienced health care provider
  • Latest pathology and diagnostic laboratory
  • Supportive cooperative staff, their education and experience, who can understand English and Hindi languages.
  • Excellent hospitality
  • Back-up plans and facilities to counter emergency needs - electrical power back up, enough competitive staff, blood arrangement, ambulance, escorts facility
  • Cleanliness and hygienic environment
  • Proper location- easy to reach destination that has easy access to other facilities such as market. Located at a quite place away from noise and pollution of traffic.
  • Review of their international, domestic, clinical and service credentials.
  • We visit the place personally time to time and are in constant connection with organization, their staff to have the latest updates.

Q.5. How will I communicate with the healthcare provider and staff, I know only English?

Ans. Our affiliated hospitals’ surgeons and supportive staff are well versed in English. English speaking staff are allotted to overseas patient who are available and help the patient throughout all the stages of their treatment.

Q.6. I want to review the profile and communicate with my treating health care provider? Or How can I connect with a doctor located in the destination country?

Ans. During every procedure there is a team work of anesthetist, surgeon, physician and nursing staff. We will provide information about individual specialist’s education and work profile. Contact us if you want to correspond with your treating doctor either through email or telephone.

Q.7.What preparation is required before traveling for medical treatment?

Ans. See Planning & Preparation before medical traveling.

Q.8.Is important to inform my family physician about my decision of undertaking medical tourism?

Ans. Yes, we will recommend it; we can also arrange your family physician’s communication with your treating surgeon.

Q.9.Who will look after me after the surgical procedure?

Ans. You will stay in the hospital until you are discharged as per medical recommendation. However, your hospital stay may depend on the type of the surgical procedure. The supportive medical attendants will take good care of you. Your companion can take care of you during your recovery period or we can arrange for accommodation and nursing assistant for your recovery period. This would involve additional charges.

Q.10.Will it be safe to travel for a long distance after a surgical procedure?

Ans. You will be informed and guided regarding the post operative care by the operating team and they will suggest you about the precautions to be taken care of. Your travel plan will be designed under the guidance of your treating doctor, depending on the selected surgery and destination. Contact us to know more about particular surgery.

Q.11.What precautions or preparations are required after returning home?

Ans. We recommend informing and consulting with your local physician prior to your medical travel scheduling. As in many cases, follow- up consultation with your physician is advisable to ensure your proper recovery. However setuhealthcare will arrange for post operative consultation with your treating surgeon when ever it is necessary. It is advisable to stay at the medical tourist destination for a few days after the surgery. 

Q.12. What about the medical certificates and other documents to be arranged for a medical claim?

Ans. Setuhealthcare will make sure that you get all your important medical documents, medical certificates, reports that will help you for post operative follow -up and to claim medical insurance (when it is applicable)

Q.13. How do I may pay for the surgery\treatment? What is the payment policy?

Ans. You will directly pay the 100% advance fees to respective hospitals. We do not charge any fees or get commission from the people who want to use the services of our affiliated hospitals and clinics. However, the online consultation is chargeable.

In addition to that, we also provide a special service, under which we prepare an exhaustive comparative report of two to three hospitals providing medical services that you may be looking for. The key advantage of this report is that it helps you to decide selected Indian medical tourist destination\ hospital.

Q.14.What services are included in my medical quotation?

Ans. Our medical packages include hospital fees, physician charges, an initial consultation fees, medical tests as specified, anticipated meal and accommodation charges based on the expected hospital stay, registered nurse coverage and a follow-up consultation after your medical treatment is complete. Separate quote will be provided for wellness related services for you and your companions. Each quote will accompany specific terms and conditions.

The travel desk will provide separate quotes for travel-related charges, such as flight, transfers and accommodation. Kindly note that the costs such as medical procedure, travel, etc., are only applicable for 45 days, and may change in case of elongated delays. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Q.15.How will I book my air tickets? What about domestic traveling? Tell me about your traveling packages?

Ans. Setuhealthcare is affiliated with various travel service providers. We will help you in all your ticket booking and travel requirements, ensuring your hassle- free traveling. Contact travel desk for more details.

We can offer you customized packages according to your requirements and budget. Package will include pick up from the airport, accommodation at a 4 or 5 star hotels or hotels of your choice, local transportation to and from doctor's appointment and hospital, medical procedure, post procedure rest and recovery stay, travel reservations, trip itinerary and much more.

Q.16.How will I contact you when arriving at the destination city?

Ans. If you are a patient coming from outside, setuhealthcare will ensure to pick you from the airport / station. You will be transported to the lodging facility / hotel, where you will be given a detailed itinerary of your stay.

Q.17.Can you arrange for my vacation at tourist destination?

Ans. Yes, we can arrange your vacation for popular tourist destination. Your treating doctor will advise you when it is appropriate to take vacation or recuperate at tourist destination.

Q.18.What are the other services provided by Setuhealthcare?

Ans. The other services are

  • Traveling and lodging
  • Arrange visits to tourist spots for patient and the accompanying family member\companion
  • Wellness tourism
  • Online consultation

Q.19.When are the dates for the surgery finalized? If I am not able to travel at the proposed date, will the hospital cancel my treatment or will they postpone the date which suits my convenience?

Ans. After the all formalities are completed, the dates for the surgery will be allotted on mutual suitability, however in any circumstances if you are not able to travel, please inform setuhealthcare about your change in plans. Setuhealthcare will get you the best next date possible. Terms and conditions of cancellation policy of hospital may apply.

Q.20.Do you provide services to patients traveling from India? Or only to patient traveling from abroad?

Ans. Setuhealthcare is dedicated to deliver best medical services to Indian, Nonresident Indian and foreigner as well. Setuhealthcare will ensure that every medical tourist experience excellent services alike.

Q.21.How can I get more information on medical procedures before I can make any decision?

Ans. Please send your query to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Q.22.Explain how this engagement works, as I want to use your service to get my surgery\medical treatment

Ans. Please refer the How it works steps for further detail or contact us

We put the best foot forward for being your right facilitators

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