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Exclusive Interview of Dr. Gaurang Joshi, International Ayurvedic consultant and speaker, speciality cancer (Oncology) Featured

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cancer_horoscopeCancer represents ‘the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body’. Currently, cancer is one of the leading causes of death Globally. People with cancer want to do everything they can to combat the disease, manage its symptoms, and cope with the side effects of treatment. Not only the disease the conventional treatment also can make patient exhausted.

 Now, people are looking for supportive therapies to combat the disease as well as the side effects of the conventional treatment including radiotherapy and chemotherapy. More and more people are turning towards these traditional complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) and therapies. The number of people who had been benefited with these therapies is increasing.


The CAM including, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, acupressure, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, aromatherapy etc, are gaining popularity as complementary therapies and are known to improve quality life of patients. However, more researches needed and are undergoing to accept some of them as alternative medicine for cancer. Among all, Ayurvedia, homoeopathy and Naturopathy are leader.

According to the 2007 NHIS, more than one-third of adults Americans(about 38 percent) had used some form of CAM  and about 40 percent of cancer survivors reported using CAM; 18 percent had used multiple CAM therapies.

Let’s know more about the role of the ancient system of medicine- AYURVEDA in the treatment of lethal disease and how ayurveda can improve the quality life of patient from renowned International ayurvedic oncologist and speaker Dr. Gaurang Joshi.

drgaurang1Dr. Gaurang Joshi (B.A.M.S- Gold medalist) is an International Ayurveda Consultant expertise in ayurveda and oncology. He and his wife Dr. Bhavana, are running an Exclusive Ayurveda PanchaKarma Treatment center, Atharva Multispecility Ayurvedic Center at Gujarat, India. Dr. Joshi holds a position of President at International Psoriasis Foundation. Dr. Joshi and Dr. Bhavana Joshi had conducted number of researches on cancer and Ayurveda and had also represented research papers at various International conferences.

Is there any specific type or stage of disease (tumour) where Ayurvedic medicine is effective? Or advisable?

It’s Our Tragedy or Luck, But almost 90% of the Patients who wishes to undergo the Ayurvedic treatment approaches the Ayurveda consultant at very Advance Stage, either it is locally advance or locally advance with Metastasis which limits the use of Ayurveda in the initial stage of tumor(cancer). This limits the application of Ayurvedic treatment in first stage. Nevertheless, we have treated few patients successfully in very 1st Stage of carcinoma with Ayurveda system of medicine. I am glad to share our success story; we have been able to treat a couple of patients in first stage, one diagnosed with Ca.Bucul Mucosa and the other  patient named Mr.Umedsinh; a Known Case of Ca.Bucul Mucosathis. Here I would like to highlight that ayurveda had great role in the treatment of 1st stage of Head and Neck cancer.

Is patient with carcinoma treated differently than patient suffering from other diseases? Or how the cancer patients are treated? The common components of treatment of carcinoma.

Ya,Cancer Treatment approach is totally different than the other disorders, also it will requires a lot of Counselling to the Patients and Relatives Of The Patients.

Cancer is a complex disease condition and to treat patient of carcinoma a practitioner must be experienced enough and need to have  a sound knowledge about various types of carcinoma, its different stages, current treatments available, psychological aspect etc. Knowledge about family support and financial background also plays an important role in the treatment of cancer.

Ayurvedic treatment along with conventional treatment (radiotherapy or chemotherapy) specific diet plan, lifestyle management all together helps to improve the quality life of patient.

Cancer Treatment in Ayurveda can be categorised as below,

In this part, known as well as Herbs (medicines) that have shown encouraging results in treatment of cancer are used. However, more researches are undergoing to determine Ayurveda as alternative medicine for cancer treatment.

The Ayurvedic Treatment can be used along with the modern treatment to combat their side effects and improve the quality of life. Supportive treatment especially for rehabilitation, such as 

  • Yoga ,
  • Exercise,
  • Micro biotic diet  etc. had been successful in  improving  the quality life of patient.

As per ancient Ayurvedic text, an individual can stay away from cancer and other chronic diseases if he follows the basic rules of swasthvritta(Hygiene), Ahara(Diet), Vihara(Life Styles).

Many Ayurvedic herbs (medicines) have been proved effective in increasing immunity of a person. The remedies that are known to have anti inflammatory properties are also recommended in the treatment of cancer; depending on the case.

Role of Diet to Prevent Cancer:

Among the Many Anticancer Compound present in fruits and vegetables, Phytochemicals are the most important, as it block carcinogen action ,block the promotion and progression of cancer cells. Intake of lots of fruits and vegetables daily can help us to prevent the development of  cancer. Anticancer Molecules present in them can control the progress of the disease to the lethal advance stage.

Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment for Cancer (Detoxification Treatment):
Panchakarma means five types of therapeutic measures. These are undertaken for the purification of the body. As per ayurveda principles, the Panchkarma is necessary before starting any of the therapy. For this they explained,  “As a cloth needs to be purified or cleaned of impurities and dust before it can be permeated with a new color, similarly the body needs to be purified before it can be permeated with new colors of youthfulness, health and vigor etc.”.

 Herbs that are commonly used  in Cancer Treatment :

Ayurveda Immuno-modulators:

  • Aswagandha(withenia Somnifera)
  • Satavari(Asparagous Racemosus)
  • Guduchi(Tinospora cordifolia)

Some popular Anticancer Herbs:

  • Soya Beans(Glycine Max)
  • Tulsi:     Occimum sanctum
  • Punarnava(Boerhavia diffussa)
  • Gomutra:   cow’s urine
  • Aloe vera:
  • Vasha:  Adhatoda vasika
  • Raudra rasa, Guggula, Nityananda Ras etc….
  • Tulsi(Occimum Sanctum)
  • Neem(Azadirecta Indica)
  • Bhallataka (Semecarpus Anacardium)
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • green  tea

Can Ayurvedic medicine and treatment be taken along with chemotherapy or radiotherapy?

Ans. Why not?  Ayurveda Treatment can be taken by patient who is undergoing Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy; under the guidance of qualified Ayurveda Consultant. Ayurvada had helped greatly to combat the side effects of these treatments and it also enhances positive effect of these treatments ensuring the better outcome. However, to gain the maximum benefits, a balance of other component of treatment such as personal observation, Diet, appropriate selection of herbs by experienced Ayurvedic practioner etc. is must.

How Ayurvedic medicine/treatment improve the quality life of patient suffering from Carcinoma?

Ayurveda -an oldest system of medicine originated in India represents “Science of life” and longevity.  At a stage, particularly in advance stage; when Pain Management is most important and Modern science loses the hope; Ayurveda can play an important role to help patient improve their quality of life.  A great combination of specific herbs, non medicinal procedures such as Systematic rubbing of the affected part i.e. massage through application of heat, cold or local applications of herbal analgesic oil, ointment. For pain relief, massage is most effective when using slow, steady, circular motions.

 Along with massage the specific diet helps patients greatly to deal with severe pain.

Also, Ayurvedic treatment taken side by side or after radiotherapy or chemotherapy had been proved to reduce significantly the side effects including,

  • Vomiting, nausea
  •  Dehydration
  •  Mouth ulcer with pain
  •  Loss of appetite
  •  Gastric Ulcer
  •  Loss of body hairs
  •  Skin infection
  •  Severe weakness
  •  Irregular menses
  • severely low immunity
  • Anaemia
  • Renal toxicity
  • Cardiac problem
  • Hepatic insufficiency

 Kindly explain us how ayurvedic medicine are beneficial in relieving the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
As mention earlier, Ayurvedic treatment helps greatly in pain management and reducing the side effects of radiotherapy as well as chemotherapy. In a number of researches we have obtained an encouraging findings and data proving the successful efficacy of Ayurveda to reduce the side effects.

Can you give us information regarding the latest research or case studies findings suggesting the role of ayurvedic medicine in case of carcinoma?

The details of research project conducted by us are as follow:

  1. Role of Medicated Enema for preventing or Reducing the severity of CT/RT induced bleeding P/R, Piles, Skin Reactions in any Pelvic Tumor
  2. Roll of Ashwagandha to Prevent and Manage the Side effect Of Radio Therapy in Head and Neck Cancer.
  3. ROLL OF AYURVEDA TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE IN ADVANCED CANCER...PHARMACOLOGICAL TERATMENT OF CANCER PAIN(This Project is currently going on with Department Of Pharmaceutical Sciences,Saurashtra University)

Let us know more about your research and research papers submitted by you at various National and International Medical conferences.


  • Conducted a collaborative research project at Lions cancer detection center, surat entitled "Ayurvedic Medicinal Oils" as a complimentary treatment for colorectal cancer caused by chemo & radio therapy under direct super vision of Dr.S.P.Shrivastav(M.D.) Chief Radiation Oncologist & Medical Director) from 2004 to 2006.
  • Working on a collaborating research project to reduced the side effect of Radio Therapy & Chemotherapy in all types of cancer with Dr. Manisha David(M.D. Radiation Oncologist) at Gohil Cancer hospital, Navsari since 2005.
  • Also doing the research work on the effect of Panchakarma treatment on Molecule levels with Dr.Narayan Patel(Ph.D.) Director of I.H.P.,U.S.A. and Dr.Madhukant Pandya (M.D. Ayurveda) Ayurveda Center, U.S.A.
  • Invited By The University Of Indonesia,Faculty Of Pharmacy,As An International Speaker For the International Symposium 'Pharweek2011',Depok, Indonesia, represented 'Ayurveda as A Cancer Treatment',9th-10th September,2011.
  • Presnted the Research Paper Titled ‘Phase I Randomized Study Of Jatyadi Oil Enema for Preventing Or Reducing The Severity Of Radiotherapy - Induced Bleeding P/R Or Piles in Patients with Anal Or Rectal Cancer,Cervical Cancer Or Any Pelvic Tumor‘ At World Ayurveda Congress International Conference at Jaipur,December 2009.
  •  Research Paper on Cancer at ‘RAJAYUCON 2009‘ ,The National Conference On Ayurveda at Rajkot, June 2009
  • Attended 50 national and 2o International Ayurveda Conferences as a Guest Speaker and Key Note Speaker and also presented Research Papers in all Conferences.
  • Paper Presented and invited  as a Speaker at World Conference On Ayu-2012 at Pune Organised By International Academy Of Ayurveda on 5,6,7th January on Cancer and Psoriasis...the subject is Updated Approach In The Management Of Psoriasis and Cancer In Ayurveda .

    For Consultation with Dr. Gaurang Joshi contact us or write at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Online consultation @setuhealthcare 
    FAQ for online consultation 
The advices and information regarding the medicines and herbs,share here are for creating awarness about alternative therapies and can not be substitue to any medical treatment. Kindly consult a registred ayurvedic consultant before starting any treatment or herbs.
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