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Monday, 04 June 2012 10:24

Quit Smoking and Win the battle of Life Featured

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Strategies to Fight against Tobacco Smoking. Tobacco smoking address to a host of deadliest health problems and hence quitting smoking is must to stay fit, healthy and enjoy life…

tobacco-withdrawalIt is rightly said that Quitting smoking means winning the Battle of life. Tobacco smoking is not only detrimental to individual’s health, the long term consequences can ruin an individual’s life. Even the family and people who are in contact of smokers also possess the potential risk of health hazards caused by second hand smoke. Smoking and its consequences also affects the financial status and social life of person and society as well.

According to fact sheet produce by World Health Organization (WHO) smoking kills nearly six million people each year of which more than five million are smokers and more than 60, 0000 are those who are passively exposed to smoke.

Smoking is one of the leading causes of  preventable death rates. Hence, encouraging people to quit smoking is the first necessary step to prevent yearly death rate which otherwise could rise to more than eight million by 2030.

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Health hazards of smoking
Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list out smoking as a major risk factor for development to various health problems that includes,

  • Lung cancer and related death
  • Emphysema and bronchitis: airway diseases characterized by difficulty in breathing
  • Peripheral vascular diseases (PVD): hardening and narrowing of blood vessels  obstruct the normal blood flow through it leading to pain, tissue loss or gangrene of the supplied area
  • Cancer of larynx, pharynx and oral cavity and oesophagus, acute myeloid leukaemia (type of blood cancer), bladder, kidney, pancreatic and stomach cancer.
  • Infertility, stillbirth and low-birth weight baby.

Strategies for quitting smoking
Giving up smoking is a tough task however, with your determination you can win the battle. Though it may take long time, and possess great chances of frequent relapses, your persistent effort and determination is the key to quit and win the battle of life.

Motivation is the key for success. Keep positive attitude toward life. Life is a precious gift, imparts by nature and staying healthy is your responsibility.
Always keep the benefits of quitting smoking in your mind such as,

  • Makes a difference right away in the way you feel.
  • In the long run, quitting smoking cuts the risk of lung cancer and you can also reduce the risk of all health problems. The earlier you quit, the greater the health benefit.
  • Better taste of food and smell.
  • Your breath smells better.
  • Better quality of life 
  • Opportunity to live longer
  • Recharge of mind and body with new energy and
  • At last, Quitting smoking saves money

It’s a chance for you to protect your loved family members from second-hand smoke. Keep motivating yourself to stay away from tobacco influence by reading real stories and experiences of people who had been successful in quitting smoking.

Plan of action
Relapses are quite often among the smokers who try to kick the habit. So once you get motivated to stop smoking, finalise your plan of action.
Plan of action should involve small action steps in order to achieve a bigger goal. It must involve long-term and short-term goals, circumstances leading to relapse, support you can get and reward you are giving to yourself for specific completing actions.
Sticking and following your plan of action will surely help you to achieve your goal of quitting smoking.

Get support
Do not hesitate to ask for support from family members or friends who can divert your attention to better things, when you get temptation to smoke.
You can take help from support group and counsellors. They can guide you about common mistakes during kicking smoking habit and also suggest various techniques to quit a habit.

Managing stress
Have you ever tried to find out why you smoke? Nicotine has a relaxing action on body and help to cope with stress. Once you decide to quit smoke your stress level may raise and hence adopt better stress managing techniques such as yoga, and meditation.

Stay active
Always try to occupy yourself in some activities. Keeping involved in personal activities like office work, household chores or kid’s study or social activities like volunteering an event helps to distract you from urge of smoking.

Substitute with a good habit
Try to substitute your bad smoking habit with good one such as daily exercise, and healthy eating. Exercise is known to reduce nicotine carving and control withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are the physical or psychological disturbances experience by addict after stopping smoking.

Drink plenty of water and Eat Healthy Diet
Canadian lung association says that water flushes out nicotine and other chemicals from body and keeps your mouth busy. Drinking water also helps to cope with withdrawal symptoms.
Healthy eating nourishes your body and help to heal smoke induced diseases.

Alternative Medicine
Acupuncture and hypnosis have been found as an effective drug-free ways to help smokers kick the habit, in a recent study conducted at Mc Gill University in Montreal, Canada. Similarly other Complementary and alternative therapies had been found effective in managing the withdrawl symptoms and stress. 

Role of medicine
Many times such technique for quitting the smoking is not sufficient and may be not effective. In such cases smokers are advised to take help of medicines or alternatives.

You can use nicotine patches, gums and lozenges to reduce tobacco craving for initial phase and eliminate harmful smoke from tobacco. However such products lead to dependency and hence try to reduce their use over the period of time.
Drugs therapy is useful to treat the withdrawal symptoms of smoking. Varenicline, bupropion, clonidine and nortriptyline are some drugs prescribed for stopping smoking.

Never give-up

You may encounter with lots of physical and psychological problems while giving up smoking but never give-up. Try, try and try until you succeed.

Acupuncture and Hypnosis- Effective therapies to Quit Smoking

Nicotine patch can Improve Memory of Seniors…

Adopt Healthy lifestyle at young age to lower risk of Heart Failure

Combat Breast Cancer with Early Detection


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  • Comment Link Anne Baker Wednesday, 06 June 2012 11:23 posted by Anne Baker

    Tobacco is a mood-altering substance. Nicotine is highly addictive because it stimulates the central nervous system to release serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain.

    Because tolerance to its effects builds quickly, users have to smoke more and more to achieve any pleasurable sensation. Cigarettes also contain sugar! While tobacco use may cause anxiety in some people, stopping smoking creates tremendous anxiety for nicotine addicts. The goal of any plan to quit smoking for good is to reduce anxiety and cravings until withdrawal symptoms subside.

    1) Amino Acids can help curb cravings -

    Glutamine is an amino acid that quells cravings in any type of addiction. Drug addiction and alcoholism both respond to glutamine administration. Glutamine is safe to use even in large amounts. It is the strongest natural quit smoking aid.

    5-HTP converts to serotonin which serves the pleasure center of the brain that tobacco also actives,so this is a healthier replacement.

    L-Tyrosine is the precursor amino acid to dopamine and norepinephrine. It can help restore neurotransmitter levels at the storage vesicle. It generally will not provide any stimulant effects, but can ease withdrawal symptoms from nicotine.

    Because neurotransmitters and the conversion of amino acids to these are highly dependent upon cofactors such as other vitamins and minerals the healthier your diet the better and faster results you will see. You especially need to omit fried foods, corn oil, hydrogenated oils, soybean oil, canola oil. Eat only healthy fats such as Omega 3 in fish oil, olive oil, extra virgin coconut oils etc.

    2) Herbs can also help a great deal to combat stress during withdrawal -

    Herbs help alleviate feelings of anxiousness and stress during withdrawal. Valerian root take the edge off as smokers cut down before quitting. Skullcap is a nervine that soothes stressed nerve. Oat supports those with nervous exhaustion. Hops is a sedative and mild anodyne. Hops is used for nervousness, anxiety, nervous stomach, insomnia and muscle spasms. Its intense bitterness stimulates digestive function, bile secretion and absorption of nutrients. Both Valerian and Passion flower alleviate depression, soothe nerves, relax tense muscles and treat insomnia. Passion flower also alleviates anxiety; these herbs work synergistically together and can be found in a tincture formulation called Phytocalm created by master herbalist David Winston.

  • Comment Link ALLEN Wednesday, 06 June 2012 11:05 posted by ALLEN

    I agree smoking is very unhealthy it will change your skin complexion and cause a host of health care problems.

  • Comment Link Monisha Tuesday, 05 June 2012 13:49 posted by Monisha

    Thanks this information is so useful!

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