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Monday, 09 January 2012 10:34

Transient phase of women’s life -MENOPAUSE

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Menopause-is not a disease, it is just a natural transient phase of women’s life and more than 70% women experience it with different symptoms. With appropriate lifestyle changes it will pass away easily.

menopause-signsFew months back on the woman’s day, I was invited as a speaker by Lion’s club ladies wing. I was in dilemma  about the topic for speech, then I met a middle aged lady, slightly plump with a mix of depressed and anxious look, limping due to knee pain and wiping perspiration in 22degree temperature!!!. I was shocked and surprised to see the changes in a lady whom I know, some years ago as an active, zealous lady who used to live life with zest... oh... I realized she must be passing from the transient phase of life –“Menopause”.  And I got the topic; today I will share information on Menopause.

Menopause-is not a disease, it is just a natural transient phase of women’s life and more than 70% women experience it with different symptoms.  As the women reaches the age of 40 and above, the production of female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) by ovaries decreases gradually. This gradual decline in the functioning of the ovaries, one day leads to permanent cessation of menstrual cycle-MENOPAUSE

Usually, women around the age of 40 to 59 experiences the menopause, however in some it may start early at the late thirties. The genes play role in deciding the age of menopause, as in many cases a woman experiences the menopause at the same age as her mother. The menstruation stops suddenly in some women where as in others it goes slowly with less bleeding with escape of 1or 2 cycles. However, some women do complain of heavy bleeding before reaching to stage of menopause, known as DUB (dysfunctional uterine bleeding).

On the other hand, women whose both ovaries have been removed surgically at younger age may also experience the same symptoms of menopause, this is known as ‘Surgical menopause’.

Symptoms of menopause

Physical symptoms

  • Hot flashes and palpitation                                             
  • Night sweats
  • Weight gain, especially increased fat deposition at  your waist
  • Overall dryness of skin with vaginal dryness
  • Formication (feeling like ants are crawling on your body)
  • Increased hair falling
  • Decreased sexual desire
  • Recurrent urinary infections
  • Osteoporosis 


  • Crying without reason, Mood swings and panic attacks
  • Forgetfulness, brain fog, problems with concentration and memory
  • Gets angry easily
  • Loss interest in everything, depression
  • Anxiety/ Depression
  • Disturbed sleeping pattern or Insomnia

As time passes, woman’s body adapts the changes and the symptoms go away gradually with time.

How to deal with menopause

  • Accept with positive note, it will make this transitional phase easy.
  • Regular Exercise will help greatly to overcome the annoying symptoms of menopause and manage weight gain.
  • Learn yoga. Practicing yoga had been found beneficial in coping with stress, anxiety depression and controlling weight gain.
  • Diet- should be a proper combination of food substance known to promote estrogen levels such as soy, tomato etc. and calcium rich food items. This will help significantly to avoid osteoporosis and reduce the severity of symptoms.
  • Keep yourself busy by doing the activities that you like most such as reading, listening music or drawing.
  • Generally, for the severe form of symptoms hormone replacement therapy is advised. You can also take help of alternative system of medicine like homoeopathy, ayurveda.

Remember menopause is just a transient phase of life and with appropriate lifestyle changes it will pass away easily. Good Luck.

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written by Dr. Sejal for Health first Magazine

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  • Comment Link Mia Wednesday, 11 January 2012 09:14 posted by Mia

    Great article..I agree with some of the points,thanks for sharing..good one

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