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Thursday, 08 December 2011 11:42

What are the Signs of Unhealthy Relationship?

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Are you in a Healthy relationship? Check out the signs of unhealthy relationship, you may be in!!!

unhealthy-relationships 1Humans are social animals and lives in society. everyone in the society  performs various role in different type of relationship. Among all the healthy relationship with your life partner is most important that greatly affects overall development and wellbeing. Your quality life is greatly affected by the relationship you are in. Many studies had proven that unhealthy relationship can ruin your career also. Break up with partner is considered as the one of the most stressful factor. Little tit bits are part and parcel of any relationships and it’s good to have arguments and fight; up to some extent to maintain a healthy relationship. However, if it keeps increasing and  affects your normal life then it’s time to think about whether,Am I sharing a Healthy relationships???

Signs that suggest moving ahead…

 An unhealthy relationship represents imbalance where one partner tries to take over the charge and threats the other to follow as per his/her wish through emotional/verbal abuse or in some physical or sexual violence. Abuses in any form- physical or mental are warning signs of unhealthy relationship. Few more signs of unhealthy relationships are as follows.

  • All your energy is focus on your partner or you feel drained out in effort to maintain the relationship.
  • A relation that cuts down ties with your family or friends, or needs to quite the activities that you enjoyed.
  • Feeling of suffocation or as if you are being controlled or pressured by the other frequently.
  • Experiencing  more bad times than cheerful ones in a particular relationship
  • Instead of enjoying company of your partner, you start feeling afraid or sad when he or she is around.
  • One of the partners shows dishonesty by hiding the information that other may think were important to share.
  • Being insulted frequently by your partner. When you feel disrespected or uncomfortable when your partner makes, funny notes in private or in public about your opinions or interests.
  • Physical or sexual violence are used to pressurise the other partner to obey his/her wishes.

Rosy excuses are made to misinterpret the violence, possessiveness or anger as an expression of love. Even if you feel that person who hurts, loves you badly, it is not healthy. NO one deserves to become a victim of any type of abuse or violence, - physical or mental. The best option is to find a solution for  his or her unhealthy behaviour, if you want to continue with the relationship. You can also talk to your friend and family about the confusion regarding your relationship that your think is not working or consult a psychologist or behaviour therapist, counsellor to make your relationship healthy happy, everlasting…



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  • Comment Link James Thursday, 08 December 2011 20:51 posted by James

    this is so important, and something that is often missed. txs for posting

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