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Monday, 05 December 2011 09:46

DE stress and Make your Holidays Fun Filled!!! Featured

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As the holidays are around, read more about simple stress busters to make your holidays distressing and fun filled.
written by Monisha

bellsHoliday’s come once a year, and surely the time spent while shopping, cleaning, and cooking is more, than what we normally do. We often want things to look perfect, when we have family visiting us. Shopping for gifts too can be very time consuming and can leave us feeling weary this is when you start feeling stressed and have to come up with a few simple ways to de-stress. As this is the time of the year where one should feel happy, relaxed and enjoy being around family and friends. But if you get stressed, it can wear you down and leave you exhausted.

Here are a few stress busters:

Plan ahead:

  • Be organized, is the best way to keep unwanted stress away.
  • Have a plan for the next couple days, write a menu for the next couple days, this way you are ready, and you do not have to waste time thinking about what to do next.
  • Keep a to-do list handy; either in your pocket or handbag or on your phone can help you perform better.

Wake up early:

  • Wake up 15 minutes early, planning your day well in advance helps you in many different ways.
  • Before starting a day take a few deep breaths to clear your thoughts, doing meditation would be best.
  • Indulging in a nice warm cup of green tea calms you down.

Clean your house well in advance:

  • Cleaning the house a week in advance helps you keep a balance.
  • Do not leave everything for the last day as this just adds on and causes you more stress.

Finish buying gifts earlier:

  • Do not wait for last minute shopping, limit gift buying or by gifts online, buying gifts online gives you more time to manage other things.
  • Finish packing the gifts in advance; take help from your children while gift-wrapping this way you can spend some quality time with your children.

Visit a spa:

  • Visit a spa a couple days ahead-pamper your body.
  • Rejuvenate in a good a body massage, relaxing facial or a pedicure - will relieve you.

Do fun activities with family members:

  • Plan on playing games with your family and children, set time aside for doing just that. Even, playing bingo with the family brings in the delight.
  •  Take the pleasure of visiting a bowling or long drive; that surely cheers up everyone.

Read a book:

  • Read a good story to your children or read to your elderly grandparent’s or parents this can be very comforting.
  • Try to find some time and read a book that you have enjoyed reading when you were a little child this will bring back sweet memories.

Watch a couple of movies:

  • Get a couple of good fun movies and watch with family or a good romantic movie with your spouse, this will help you come closer.
  • Watch a fun animated movie with your children or a classic movie with your parents, a couple of movies in a row.

Listen to music and plan on dancing with your children:

  • Listen to some new songs or old classics that you like, party songs help in uplifting your mood.
  • Dance with your kids and loved ones. A good dance usually makes the atmosphere more joyful.

Laughter a great stress reliever

  • Listen to jokes or keep a laughing hour after dinner
  • Watch a cartoon “Tom and Jerry”, or “Just for laughs” - shows or watch all time favorite charley Chaplin or Lauren and Hardy movies, humor is therapeutic.

Take a nature walk:

  • Go for a quick walk or take a walk with your dog, this will give you a good boost.
  • Enjoy nature, feel connected. Take pictures of nature – reinvent the photographer in you.

Use different aromas to lighten your mood:

  • Light aromatic candles or sweet smelling Incense sticks, different kinds of aromas can leave you felling recharged.
  • While decorating the house use pinecones, potpourri, fresh flowers-their fresh smell usually is very soothing.

Slow down:

  • Slow down and experience the wonderful things around you, this helps you recuperative.

A good hug often makes everyone feel better or enjoy a cute smile form a loved one, every minute spent with family is precious.


  • Get in the mood, go with the flow, enjoy and know that family is important, friends are needed and children love you.


  • Plan on donating some old clothes and shoes; make a trip to Salvation Army, focusing on others and helping the less fortunate, can very gratifying.
  • Volunteer some time at an old age home or an orphanage.

Be positive:

  • Listen to motivational lectures or read a good motivational book reading can be inspirational.
  • Writing motivational quotes in your diary can be uplifting.

Be thankful:

  • Leave a good note saying thanks to everyone who had visited or call a couple of friends and just say thanks this too will help strengthen your friendship.
  • Be thankful for all that you have received, be thankful for your children, spouse and pets.

Any kind of stress is bad for your health, but we need to learn to take time out and de-stress, as this will help you relax and enjoy.

Have a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas…

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