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Sunday, 23 October 2011 11:35

Stay Healthy during Festival

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Tips to stay healthy and maintai fitness during festival 

diwali foodFew days ago, my medicine supplier came and said “madam, please stock your medicines, as festival is coming.” Quite surprising!!! “How increased demand of medicine is associated with festival”? Simple, festival means feast and during the festive time, people have tendency of overeating their favorite goodies and kababs full of sugar, spices and oil. With that, inadequate sleep and bodily overexertion combines to make a healthy person sick.

In most of the cases, people complain of various digestive problems such as stomach up- set, heartburn, altered bowel movement, and flatulency etc. following festivals. On the other hand some people may have throat infection and cold, especially children and those who are allergic to food colors and preservatives.

Even the number of people hitting the gym and fitness centre increases after festival as fitness conscious men needs to burn the extra calories they had loaded during festival and the women wants to come back in perfect figure.

How can you stay healthy and avoid visits to a doctor during festival?

The below mention guidelines will help to keep your self fit, free from illness.

Exercise – it’s true that you are too busy during festival; still you must exercise for at least 30 minutes a day in either form of yoga, jogging or walking. Exercise will help to burn the extra calories and maintain immunity.

Escape one meal. If you are going for dinner than have salad and fruits, or a healthy diet (free from white starches and bad carbs) at lunch or vice versa.

Don’t attend party when you are famished. Try to have an apple or banana before attending a party. It will save you from attacking the favorite fattening dish.  

Listen to your stomach, when it says no, stop eating. No matter how good it taste, do not eat a single bite more when you are full. It is better to serve food in smaller plates. Eating in smaller plates will make you to eat less which ultimately saves you from over eating...

Learn to say no. It s not compulsory to eat, just because it's there and others are eating it! Refuse to eat for the sake of your health.

Choose healthier alternative of dishes that are full of cream and sugar. Substitute lime juice for aerated drink and butter milk to thick shake.

Drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices that will help your body to detoxify.

Avoid chilled drinks. Try to have drinks and food at room temperature to reduce the risk of throat infection.

Take adequate sleep. If possible, avoid frequent late night parties. Sound sleep for 6-8 hours will keep you slim and fit. When you disrupt sleep, you disrupt your hormones and the hormonal imbalance can lead to weight gain. Lack of sleep can make you fall sick as inadequate sleep reduces body’s immunity.

So, now on make-up your mind and be prepared to stay healthy and fit during coming festival. All the Best.


source: Healthfirst magazine


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