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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 11:12

Listen to your EAR...

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Read about the detrimental effects of noise pollution and how to protect yourself from it.

While bursting fire crackers or spending night at pub, have you ever thought of about the noise pollution and its harmful effects on your ears? Do you know constant noise-pollution-lawisgreekexposure at a rock concerts can make you deaf? Yes, prolonged exposure to louder sounds (more than 85 decibels) can lead to a gradual hearing loss. Even the repeated exposures to loud engines like motorcycle or continues listening to portable CD players can erode hearing gradually. According to audiologists (hearing specialist) hearing loss doesn't occur only in older people, now a day many younger adults needs hearing aids to balance the damage caused by constant noise pollution.

Noise pollution and Hearing

Usually at initial stage, the noise- induced hearing loss occurs slowly and without any pain. Many times soon after exposure to noise you may have some “ringing” in ears and occasionally may have trouble hearing people talk. However after sometime, these symptoms subside. But the repeated exposure to loud noise can cause hearing loss lasting forever.
According to studies, the exposure to loud noise can destroy the sensory hair cells (responsible for hearing function) found at inner ear by forming the free radicals. Once damaged, the hair cells can not revive back. 

Other Health Effects
Besides hearing loss, noise can create detrimental effects on health and growth also. Researchers have found that noise can

  • Increase fatigue, irritability, stress
  • Cause difficulty in concentration and sleeping even after noise stops
  • Raise risk of heart disease
  • Disrupt the development of a baby before birth

People at risk

Those who are working at noisy environment including

  • Firefighters and other first responders
  • Military personnel
  • Disc jockeys
  • Subway workers
  • Construction workers
  • Musicians
  • Factory workers
  • Mine workers
  • Airline employee

How will I know that I am listening loud noise levels?
You are in danger if you

  • Need to raise your voice to be heard.
  • Can't hear someone 3 feet away from you.
  • Ringing  in your ears (tinnitus) after exposure to noise
  • Can not hear the talk around you and sounds muffled or dull after you leave the noisy area.

Protect Hearing
Whether it’s from farm tractors or from city street noise, you can’t avoid the surrounding noise affecting you.
Practicing healthy hearing habit in daily life can protect your ears from damage, such as

  • Turn down the volume of all household noise sources TV, music system.
  • Wear hearing protection devices for e.g. ear plug or  ear muffs when you mow the lawn, vacuum,  blow dry hair or operate power tools
  • Explain the children about harmful effects of loud music and encourage them to wear hearing protection in noisy environments
  • Avoid the loud noisy environment; give your ears a break from the sound.
  • Keep low volume while listening to personal i- pod or music system. Don’t hesitate to ask others to lower the sound volume. Plug ears with your fingers to protect ear from loud noise as emergency vehicles pass on the road
  • Purchase quieter product, look for noise ratings on appliances before buying them especially when purchasing toys for children.

Taking the basic preventive measures will help you to hear better in your old ages. Start working on it today to ensure your hearing at old age…


Image taken from law is greek.

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